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View of Oia from Thirassia

5 professionals talk about how COVID affected their projects

COVID is still the reality of our days. Almost everywhere the virus is currently affecting our daily life, it won’t be here forever but it will have an impact on us. Sometimes changes need time, some others they happen quickly. Probably the most resourceful…


25+ Unique gift ideas for anyone who loves Greece

Xmas is coming and this year we all need something that will make us dream about our next travel. I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for Greece, ideal for someone who loves beautiful, sustainable and unique items! You won’t find cheesy souvenirs, you…

Books Greece

Aegean, a touching Greek cookbook

One would think that a cookbook is about good recipes, compelling photos and clear cooking directions. Those are the kind of cookbooks I don’t like that much. In everything I do, reading, watching a movie, visiting a new city or country, I look for…

Sunrise in Syros Greece

A mini local guide to Syros

Syros is the place where you’d go for paperwork or to court if you live in the Cyclades. This summer I needed a break from Santorini and because of the COVID-19 situation, I was pretty free and able to travel when usually it’s no…

Books Greece

Books about Greece: The Great Chimera

The Great Chimera (Η Μεγάλη Χίμαιρα) is a great book that everyone moving to Greece should read.Written by M. Karagatsis (translated in English by Patricia Felisa Barbeito), one of the most important Greek novelists, the book tells the story of Marina, a beautiful young…

Greek Christmas Kourabiedes
Greece Santorini

Christmas vegan kourabiedes

My favorite Greek biscuits are kourabiedes and they are traditionally baked for Christmas. It’s Christmas and I am in Italy and, as you might have understood, I miss Greece a lot! So I thought to wear my best apron and give it a try!…

Promenada of Chania, Crete

A short getaway in Chania

Few days in Chania was exactly what (I thought) I needed after a hard summer season. I have been through quite a lot in these months and I suddenly realized that I had lost my goal, the one I set when I moved to…