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Greek Christmas Kourabiedes
Greece Santorini

Christmas vegan kourabiedes

My favorite Greek biscuits are kourabiedes and they are traditionally baked for Christmas. It’s Christmas and I am in Italy and, as you might have understood, I miss Greece a lot! So I thought to wear my best apron and give it a try!…

Promenada of Chania, Crete

A short getaway in Chania

Few days in Chania was exactly what (I thought) I needed after a hard summer season. I have been through quite a lot in these months and I suddenly realized that I had lost my goal, the one I set when I moved to…

Anafiotika, a cycladic island in the center of Athens, under the Acropolis

Anafiotika, a cycladic island in the heart of Athens

Anafiotika is a hidden oasis under the Acropolis, on the northeast side. If you find yourself in Plaka, look for a way to climb up to Anafiotika, leave the bustle of the voices, colors, smells and follow the stairs and the quietness that, step…

Plastikourgeio Plastic Free Shop in Athens
Greece Stories

Recycling as creativity at Plastikourgeio

Recycling, reuse, reduce… How many times have we heard about these three words recently? I have been thinking quite a lot about the issue with plastic waste and, inspired by people like Théla and 3QUARTERS, I started my personal research on how to commit…

The area of Psirri in central Athens

Psirri a hip and creative area in Athens

Psirri is one of the eldest neighborhood of Athens. It’s definitely one of my favorite and the one which I always visit when in town. It seats in the North/West area of Monastiraki. Till the Nineties, it was not a very recommended area but recently, like…