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Living far from Santorini isn’t easy

What does it mean living in Santorini? To me, it means that I never want to leave. And when I say ‘never’ I mean it. Since I live here I don’t feel the need to travel or to go anywhere, and, whenever I do…


My name-day and the issue with my name

Today is my name-day, St. Nicholas, so Xrònia Pollà (happy name-day in Greek) to me and to all the Nicholas, Nicole, Nikos, Nicoletta out there! Looking up for Saint Nicholas on wikipedia, it comes out that he is an interesting one as he is the…

Greek Wedding in Santorini
Santorini Stories

My first big fat Greek wedding

Yes, my first Greek wedding was big and a little bit fat but in a super cute way! I met Eleni when I moved to Santorini thanks to Instagram and we became friends. She is a beautiful soul and young woman, very sweet and…

Oia Fira Hike
Santorini Stories

How living in Santorini has changed my life

I have been living in Santorini for 2 years now and I can say that moving to an island has definitely changed my life. Living on an island, and an island like Santorini is not all sunshine and rainbows. Before moving to Santorini, I…

Plastikourgeio Plastic Free Shop in Athens
Greece Stories

Recycling as creativity at Plastikourgeio

Recycling, reuse, reduce… How many times have we heard about these three words recently? I have been thinking quite a lot about the issue with plastic waste and, inspired by people like Théla and 3QUARTERS, I started my personal research on how to commit…