Greece Santorini Stories

Discover the authentic Santorini with your map!

Handmade map of Santorini designed by Lila Ruby King

If you are on this page is probably because you are in love with Greece and Santorini.
You live far away and you dream almost every day about Greek food, the blue sky, beautiful sunsets… You might have also the Sirtaki ring tone on your mobile (that might be too much 🙂 ).
I love thinking about you, my reader, sitting at your desk, maybe outside it is raining, and your mind travels a bit seeing my pictures and reading my stories.

We should do a serious agreement here:
I will take you with me around Santorini, exploring small areas, introducing you to my places and my people. It will be like a small but never-ending treasure hunt.
What about you? You will only need to show up!

From now on each month I will choose a tiny area of Santorini and I will guide you through it.
We will see together the island with my eyes and I hope this will be an inspiration for your next trip to Santorini.
I want to be honest: it will be my Santorini but I am confident you are going to love it.

What do you need when you are travelling?
It helps you to go around when you are on site and it helps you to visualize the place when you are far away.

This map represents my Santorini on a small scale. It was designed by lovely Lila Ruby King for One Quarter Greek.
This is my welcome gift for you to start or continue this journey together.

You can download it for free just subscribing to my newsletter.
You will get my ‘Postcards from Greece’ once a month. The newsletter will focus on a small area, you will find a recap fo the blog posts plus extra content to read or to download!

A Chinese proverb says: ‘Don’t listen to what they say. Go see’.
Listen to me and go see around with my map!


©Nicoletta Barbata/One Quarter Greek

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