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The Tasty Other, a Greek food blogger in London

Amaryllis a tasteful Greek food blogger in London

I met Amaryllis when I was in London and I met her through her husband Mike. Mike and me worked together on a fashion photo shoot: I was on the production side and when I read his Greek name on the call sheet, I…

Despina Siahuli Greek Chef in London

Despina, a Greek chef magician in London

As an expat you might feel homesick some times, and food is your therapy when blue. Food allows you to recreate some of the conditions that make you feel home even if you are far from it. Only the act of cooking can remind…

Faros Market Organic Food Santorini
Santorini Stories

An organic food deli in Santorini, Faros Market

Greece is the paradise for every foodie as food plays a main role in the Greek culture. Santorini is an island with its main, few products, well known everywhere. You can’t leave Santorini without having tried tomatoes and fava (yellow split peas). They are…