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If you happened on this page it might be because you are planning a trip to Santorini and you want to learn more about this unique island.

The One Quarter Greek Project was born in summer 2017 to talk in a friendly and direct way of this wonderful place.
My aim is to give my personal insights, tips and stories of the island and Greece in general, based on my own experience.

Santorini is not a dangerous or particularly difficult place to visit, and every one of us nowadays is able to look up information on the web by themselves.
My experience here though is that you might fail to fall in love with the island because, besides its uncommon beauty, it is very touristic and busy, and not only in the high season. And we don’t want this to happen because a holiday is a relaxing time where you must have the most beautiful and unforgettable experience you deserve.

Whether you will spend two or three days, one week, ten days, or only few hours allowed by your cruise, you might want a bit of help to organise your staying and to see something more than the sunset in Oia (which is stunning though!).

I would love you to know the most popular spots of the island as well as the most hidden ones, I would love you see the island with locals eyes. To go, eat and enjoy where a local would go, eat and enjoy his/her free time in Santorini.

If you need any advice in the organisation of your holiday or you would be interested in having a stroll around the island with me, please contact me at