About Me

My name is Nicoletta, I am a storyteller, I tell precious stories for people who are in love with Greece and who dream to move to this beautiful country one day. I live in Santorini.

What’s the difference in between a holiday and a journey?
Discovering a new place means living, travelling and, ‘why not!’, eating like a local!
Google can help to find out the best places where to eat, to go, … But a local can do better! A local buddy can show you what’s brewing in town, can introduce you to hidden gems, can help to avoid touristic traps, saving time and money!

I am your ‘Greek’ buddy! I moved to this beautiful island and country because I am deeply crazy about it!
I spend my days strolling around in search of its real beauty willing to share with you all the lovely people and places I spot.
No cheesy frills, only authentic tips! Because I am really passionate about Greece!

Who trusts my knowledge and advice expresses happiness and pleasure saying that they now know the real soul of Santorini. They enjoyed a detailed tailor-made introduction to the island avoiding spending a lot of time planning their holiday. They felt that they were visiting the island with a friend and that they were getting introduced to more chums! And they left Santorini with a dream:
coming back to learn more or moving here permanently, I am glad that I gave my contribution to make unique and special their experience.

Are you excited to visit Greece? Have you already visited 10 times and more? Having at least once per year the crazy idea to move to a Greek island? Back home after a holiday and planning immediately your next holiday here? I feel you!
I can easily put myself in your shoes as I had been there too! That’s why people say that I am an excellent and responsive guide, giving helpful info (and revealing small secrets!) about the real Santorini. I will share with you all my knowledge and love for Greece, including my beautiful story, but, hey, do not try to share with me spanakopita!

You can read a bit more (yes there is more!!) about me, why I moved to Greece and at this point, you should subscribe to my newsletter so that you will have your cute map to start planning your next trip!
But hey, let’s plan it together, drop me a line hello@onequartergreek.com.

Still not convinced? Read what they say about me

Lorena (Italy) says: OneQuarteGreek lives the island as it was a living treasure that never ceases to surprise. Not just the places, beautiful indeed. But also the people, the taste, the smell, the voice of Santorini.
I recommend you get in touch when planning your journey if you want to have the real feeling of this vibrant island! 
Mariela (Argentina) says: Gracias a los consejos de Nicoletta pudimos descubrir Santorini, visitar lugares imperdibles y comer en restaurantes de calidad a precios razonables. Fue servicial y atenta a cada una de nuestras necesidades, desde la reservación a la hora de cenar como la gestión para realizar algún paseo o ir a las mejores playas. Para nosotros fue una excelente guía, tal como si fuese un amigo que te espera en su ciudad para mostrarte los lugares más interesantes deseando no hacerte perder tiempo ni dinero y ajustándose a lo que nos interesaba sin invadir en absoluto. Un placer haber dado con ella!