About Me

My name is Nicoletta, I am a storyteller, I collect and tell precious stories for people who are in love with Greece and who dream about moving to this beautiful country one day.
I used to live in Santorini and then Anafi, but now, I live in Syros.

Like a sailor, I float around the Cyclades, spending time immersing myself in the islands in which  I live.

I had a dream for more than 10 years, of moving to the island of Santorini, and I lived there from 2017-2021. It was my first island, my first love.
After 4 years I needed a smaller place and community and so I moved to Anafi, a tiny islet where I was one of the 150 permanent residents (yes, only!) for 2 years.
Now I live in Syros, the capital of the Cyclades, in a country house, far from everything and everybody, immersed in nature and the melody of the cicadas.

My story has been featured in magazines, podcasts and TV shows. People are fascinated by my endless flow around the Aegean Islands, having left behind my hectic life in cities like Milan, Rome and London. I constantly challenge myself to start over and over again.

I occasionally write and take pictures for my blog and online magazines. 

I am part of the management of the Anafi International Film Festival, and I am also a freelance Production Manager for events.

I am local ‘mediator’ for everything Greek and Greek Islands related.

I am a Context Host sharing my passion and knowledge about Greece.

I live an inspirational, yet simple life. I live my dreams and yours.


‘I want to move to Greece and I don’t know where to start!’. If that’s you, book a consultancy session with me. I have some experience in the matter and I am a frank person.

Are you a journalist about to write a piece about Greece and would like to learn about the best food, wine, exciting projects and things to do? Many of your colleagues have already trusted my services.

If you want to organize an event/retreat/holiday in Greece, I can help with the production of your event.

Feel free to email me at hello@onequartergreek.com to learn about my services.