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Christmas vegan kourabiedes

Greek Christmas Kourabiedes

My favorite Greek biscuits are kourabiedes and they are traditionally baked for Christmas.
It’s Christmas and I am in Italy and, as you might have understood, I miss Greece a lot!
So I thought to wear my best apron and give it a try!

But I am vegan since last year and if you have ever tried kourabiedes, you might know that they are basically butter with sugar…
I love challenges and I am a resolute person so I knew where to find the solution and how to impress my family and friends who are not used yet to my lifestyle: Madame Ginger’s blog!

Madame Ginger is one of the most famous food-blogger in Greece!
I love her happy vibes and her relationship with food: with her videos, I have not only learnt the Greek language but I have also discovered a lot of great places in Athens where to hang out and eat (thanks Marilù for pointing out Feyrouz, it is now my beloved place in town where to feel home… But that’s another story).

And I was right, I found a vegan recipe for Kourabiedes suggested by Anna, a collaborator of Madame Ginger.
The recipe and preparation are very easy and successful!

Check out Madame Ginger’s post and video if you read and speak Greek or you can follow the recipe here:

Ingredients for 45 vegan kourabiedes:

120 gr almonds
20 gr baking powder
650 gr flour
250 ml olive oil
250 ml sunflower oil
200 gr sugar
1 and a half small spoon cinnamon
1 spoon clove
1 spoon vanilla extract
80 ml Cognac (I did not add it)
icing sugar

1 – Put the almonds in the oven (190°) for 7-8 minutes and cut them after they have cooled down.
2 – Mix the baking powder with the flour
3 – In a big bowl mix the oils, sugar and spices
4 – Mix all the ingredients together (2+3) until you have a soft dough
5 – Mix the almonds and the dough
6 – Prepare small balls (around 30gr) and lay them out on a tray
7 – Baked the kourabiedes for 28 min at 180°
8 – Serve with icing sugar

Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy vegan kourabiedes!


© Photo: Nicoletta Barbata/One Quarter Greek

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