The Arrival

Ferry boat arriving on the greek island Santorini

It was epic.
It was emotional.

From the very first time in Santorini for holiday, something like 10 years ago, I always thought that IF (when?) I had moved to the island, my arrival would have been by ferry.

Every time I was on the ferry, every time I was in the garage of the ferry, waiting for it to arrive at the port Athinos, I always pictured myself in the future, that day when I would have arrived and not gone back after few days. I would have arrived to stay, to live here.

And it was exactly what I thought it would have been.

I was standing there in the garage, waiting for the gates to open, with other people around me.
I look at them and asked myself if there was anyone like me, moving from another country.
I felt the noise of the engine of the ferry in my belly.
I started being emotional and I am not ashamed to say that I cried a bit, moved, as I made it.
My dream became true.

This picture might not be my best one (I hope so actually), but for me it is indeed meaningful.
They taught me that a picture is a document.
Well, this is the evidence of my dream.
And I did not even know that dreams could have evidences.
But they do. Believe me.

©Nicoletta Barbata/OneQuarterGreek

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