How to learn Greek part 3: watching cartoons


Learning Greek is, in my opinion, quite a difficult process, but the good news is: it is possible!
I have already suggested you, according to my experience, to study with a professional teacher, which will give you strong basis for your grammar, and to listen to the radio, to get familiar with the sound.
Today I will explain you the next step I took, which is indeed quite fun!

At some point of my learning process, I thought to exploit the internet, in particular youtube: I thought learning Greek online and for free was not a bad idea!
Obviously better to learn Greek in Greece, but, if you can’t, internet is the perfect solution.
I was not ready for movies, not at all. What was my solution for ‘Learning Greek for Beginners?’: Peppa Pig!.
I watched some episodes but I got a little bored so I though giving a try to something more serious.
That’s how I came across two of my (and my sister’s) favorite cartoons of my childhood.
Heidi and Candy Candy.
Every night, before going to bed, as a good girl, I would watch one episode, religiously from the beginning, starting from episode 1.
It’s unbelievable how many Greek words I learnt thanks to my chums Heidi and Candy Candy.
I can tell you that I have heard at least 1.000 times the word Grandfather and mountain thanks to Heidi and Roses thanks to Candy Candy.
Candy was very useful also to learn some phrases, exclamations, like Oh my God!

It’s a bit awkward to watch something which takes place in Switzerland but where they speak Greek. A bit nonsense, but realism is not what we are looking for when watching cartoon, agreed?
I made it with Heidi, till the end. I got really pissed off towards the end of Candy Candy, when, for some copyrights reasons, youtube took down all the last episodes, come on, it’s Candy Candy!!!!
So I did not finish it.
I have to confess that I also got really involved and cried sometimes. I don’t know if I cried for the difficulty of the Greek or for the super sad stories…
I don’t believe that there is a way to learn fast and easy Greek, but for  beginners, cartoons might work!


I went on National television in Greece thanks to Heidi and Candy Candy and to the radio self learning, so at least it was worth it I guess!
You can watch me on Alpha TV here!
It was live, it was in Greek, I made it!


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