• Greek Christmas Kourabiedes
    Greece Santorini

    Christmas vegan kourabiedes

    My favorite Greek biscuits are kourabiedes and they are traditionally baked for Christmas. It’s Christmas and I am in Italy and, as you might have understood, I miss Greece a lot! So I thought…

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    Living far from Santorini isn’t easy

    What does it mean living in Santorini? To me, it means that I never want to leave. And when I say ‘never’ I mean it. Since I live here I don’t feel the need…

  • Stories

    My name-day and the issue with my name

    Today is my name-day, St. Nicholas, so Xrònia Pollà (happy name-day in Greek) to me and to all the Nicholas, Nicole, Nikos, Nicoletta out there! Looking up for Saint Nicholas on wikipedia, it comes out…

  • Greek Wedding in Santorini
    Santorini Stories

    My first big fat Greek wedding

    Yes, my first Greek wedding was big and a little bit fat but in a super cute way! I met Eleni when I moved to Santorini thanks to Instagram and we became friends. She…

  • Blue Star Ferry Santorini Athens

    Santorini by ferry, a longing trip

    If you could choose how to arrive in Santorini, would you go for a short 45 minutes flight or an 8 hours long ferry? Can’t hear anyone of you saying with excitement ‘by ferry!’.…

  • Promenada of Chania, Crete

    A short getaway in Chania

    Few days in Chania was exactly what (I thought) I needed after a hard summer season. I have been through quite a lot in these months and I suddenly realized that I had lost…