Santorini in winter: visiting Fira

Fira, the capital of Santorini

Santorini in winter is pure beauty, you might agree with me now!

I was reading one of the newsletters I have in my mailbox and I found this link, it’s about the trends on Pinterest for 2020.  As we all know we should all be more conscious generally speaking and also when travelling, Pinterest outlines how there is a trend on responsible travel. People search for many keywords but the one which caught my attention is ‘Staycation’: this is exactly what I am doing, staying where I live and taking the chance to discover it deeply not having a great impact on the environment!
(By the way, I am on Pinterest too!)

So I decided to spend another half day around the island. My destination, Fira!

With Fira we all, locals, have a hostile relation: we know it is beautiful and charming but if we could put a black dot on that area from May to September (mid-October?) we would do it immediately!
Over the season it is quite unbearable: in Fira there is the old port where the cruises arrive and in the central hours of the day the town becomes impossible. In my opinion, this is not the fault of tourists, who are always very welcome, but there should be a better organization especially because we are in a very small island.
So, to keep it short, we all don’t like to go to Fira.

I am taking advantage now, I go to Fira very often because it is empty and I can fully enjoy it.
I was there a few days ago and I did not meet almost anyone.
I met a very lovely young lady from Buenos Aires who was going to walk to Imerovigli.
We had a great conversation and I was happy to see that she loved Santorini in winter, she did not mind about lots of cafes and restaurants being closed, she just wanted to connect with the place.

A lot of building works going on in Fira too, but you will find it quiet and alluring.

There are some places open, these are my favorite:
PK Cocktail Bar: this is always a good idea, also in summer! Good coffee and cocktails and you are so close to the Volcano that you feel that you can touch it!
Pelicanos Kipos: a lovely garden cafe where you can have breakfast (it opens very early), lunch and dinner. They also have a fine winery where you can have a wine tasting with wines from Santorini, Greece and all over the world.
Asian Club: for a more Asiatic quick lunch!
Svoronos Bakery: we all know this bakery as during the season it is open 24h and a lot of people make a stop after the nightlife!

Enjoy your winter stroll in the capital of Santorini!


Fira, the capital of SantoriniFira, the capital of Santorini

Souvenir shop in Fira, SantoriniCafe on the caldera in Fira, Santorini

Fira, the capital of SantoriniChurch in Fira, the capital of Santorini

Fira, SantoriniFira, Santorini

Souvenir shop in Fira, SantoriniFira, Santorini

Souvenir shop in Fira, SantoriniTaverna closed for winter in Fira, Santorini

©Nicoletta Barbata / One Quarter Greek

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