Together we make 5/4 of italian blood and 3/4 of greek blood.

Maria is a pharmacist  from Patra and she runs the Pharmacy in the village where I am living.
She is my shelter on the island.
We met last year in September for few minutes when I was on holiday and she was looking for a house as she was moving here to open the shop.
She understood immediately that I was italian, I hope from my dress rather than my italian accent when speaking in greek.

We speak in italian  when we are face to face but in greek on the phone. God knows why.

Maria lives with Filippo, a super cute dog.
I love Filippo too, not when I dog-sit him during the night as he never lets me sleep.
I speak to him in greek which really makes me feel cool.

As a shelter, I visit Maria when I am sad, when I am happy, when I feel the need to share something.
OK, I also visit her very often when I need to measure my blood pressure, basically every day 🙂

With her I have been introduced to the real life on the island.
Since I have known her, I have felt that I am living as a local. We have good friends, we love going around for errands, we love have a relaxing cocktail and planning our winter here.
Which I am sure it will be an amazing one!

©Nicoletta Barbata/OneQuarterGreek

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