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One Quarter Greek - Nicoletta Barbata

Hello there!

Nicoletta here from Santorini.
My dream was to live on this island, I am one of those who, after a holiday in a lovely place, said ‘I want to move here!’.
And I made it! I am here since winter 2017, living in Greece, in one of the most beautiful islands on the planet, Santorini.
I came on holiday for over ten years and I thought since the first day that this was my place, where I could connect myself with my roots.

Why One Quarter Greek?
Because my grandmother was greek so I have actually some greek blood in my veins.
I love this country and its people.

After years spent in big cities such as Milan, Rome and London, I moved to an island and I hate to swim!

I am a photographer and I love to write; I was working in the art and entertainment environment, I quit my (several) jobs and here I am, starting a new life, focused on myself and my needs.

I miss London, I miss my family and friends, I miss many things of my previous life.
But I love where I am and the way I feel.

If you love Greece and dreaming, stay in touch with me and I promise I will send my stories from the island!
Join my newsletter and download for free a beautiful map of Santorini!

I hope you will enjoy and support my new life!


Nicoletta aka One Quarter Greek

PS: A huge THANK YOU to my brilliant designer Antonio Scricco who took care of my logo and website

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