• Despina Siahuli Greek Chef in London

    Despina, a Greek chef magician in London

    As an expat you might feel homesick some times, and food is your therapy when blue. Food allows you to recreate some of the conditions that make you feel home even if you are…

  • Faros Market Organic Food Santorini

    An organic food deli in Santorini, Faros Market

    Greece is the paradise for every foodie as food plays a main role in the Greek culture. Santorini is an island with its main, few products, well known everywhere. You can’t leave Santorini without…

  • The famous Red Beach on the greek island of Santorini

    The Red Beach

    One of the most famous beach in Santorini and in the world is only 20min walking distance from where I live. Probably it’s one of the first place I visited when I came to…

  • One day in Galatea's Pottery and Art Studio attending the making of a ceramic pottery

    Galatea’s Pottery and Art

    I met Galatea for the first time last year around the end of September. At that time I had already decided to move to Greece in 2017 and when we talked in her gallery…

  • Personal

    My greek 1/4

    Let’s start this story, my story, since the beginning, since I was not born yet. It sounds a bit like a movie, and actually it recalls the Captain Corelli’s Mandolin movie. It was something…

  • Stories


    Our first meeting was not one of the best. I arrived at the port very early, after an overnight trip by ferry. When I got to the pension I booked online, she was there…

  • Colour Greece are colouring books about Greece designed by two young greek designers

    Colour Greece

    I am not sure how I came acrossΒ Colour Greece. I was in London and not even yet decided to move to Greece. Surfing on facebook or instagram, I discover Avrokomi and Vasiliki’s project about…

  • Megalochori, a village in the south of the greek island of Santorini


    Megalochori is one of my favorite villages on the island. It seats on the South since the 17th century, in a hollow surrounded by tones of vineyards. It has a very chilled out atmosphere,…