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Diti Kotecha aka Thela with her Plastic Upcycling project
Greece Stories

Upcycling plastic bags into charming objects, Théla

Upcycling means creative reuse, is the process of transforming waste materials or unwanted useless products into new materials or goods that have a better quality or for better environmental value. Greece has quite poor waste management and single-use plastic is very popular, only to…

how to learn greek with tv series

How to learn Greek part 4: watching TV series

I have only recently discovered how Television can help me to learn Greek. I wish I had known this before! I did think about cartoons and, as you may know, Candy Candy and Heidi have been my best friends for a while. But I…


How to learn Greek part 3: watching cartoons

Learning Greek is, in my opinion, quite a difficult process, but the good news is: it is possible! I have already suggested you, according to my experience, to study with a professional teacher, which will give you strong basis for your grammar, and to listen…

Mona Spachi Language Teacher in Paros
Greece Stories

Dare to speak Greek, and not only, with Mona!

Mona is one of my new friends met thanks to social media and thanks to my project One Quarter Greek. I don’t remember if we reached each other through Facebook or Instagram, but it does not really matter. As lots of Greek people I…

One Quarter Greek Manifesto
Santorini Stories

My first twelve months in Santorini

Today I am celebrating my first year of living in Santorini. I arrived on the island on the 6th of March 2017. I was about to write a long post, but then I thought that my manifesto sums up my current mood, where I am…

Neanikon a nostalgic designer

The graceful handmade world by Neanikon

Since the first time I saw Aris’ project, I was sure that there was someone special behind Neanikon. I bought some notebooks and we had a lovely chat regarding my order. When few days later I got my package, when I opened it, not…

Vintage Radio in a flea market in Athens

How to learn Greek part 2: listening to the radio

When you learn a foreign language and you don’t live in the country where they speak it, what you miss the most, obviously, is its sound. When I first start learning Greek I just attended my lessons, but when I was back at my…

The Tasty Other, a Greek food blogger in London

Amaryllis a tasteful Greek food blogger in London

I met Amaryllis when I was in London and I met her through her husband Mike. Mike and me worked together on a fashion photo shoot: I was on the production side and when I read his Greek name on the call sheet, I…

Despina Siahuli Greek Chef in London

Despina, a Greek chef magician in London

As an expat you might feel homesick some times, and food is your therapy when blue. Food allows you to recreate some of the conditions that make you feel home even if you are far from it. Only the act of cooking can remind…