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Neanikon a nostalgic designer

The graceful handmade world by Neanikon

Since the first time I saw Aris’ project, I was sure that there was someone special behind Neanikon. I bought some notebooks and we had a lovely chat regarding my order. When few days later I got my package, when I opened it, not…

3quarters design handmade recycled bags in Athens

Design with concept and consciousness: 3QUARTERS

When you discover that your other half is a super cool design studio which has not only got superb ideas, but it also works with great consciousness, at that point… This is my love story. One day two friends of mine told me that…

One day in Galatea's Pottery and Art Studio attending the making of a ceramic pottery

Galatea’s Pottery and Art

I met Galatea for the first time last year around the end of September. At that time I had already decided to move to Greece in 2017 and when we talked in her gallery I expressed my will to move next season. I don’t…

Colour Greece are colouring books about Greece designed by two young greek designers

Colour Greece

I am not sure how I came across Colour Greece. I was in London and not even yet decided to move to Greece. Surfing on facebook or instagram, I discover Avrokomi and Vasiliki’s project about colouring books about Greece. I am not a fan of…